Monday, April 7, 2014

CDBL - 'Come On' HNH046

CDBL - 'Come On' HNHEP046
Released 4.28.2014

Track Listing:

1. Come On
2. Watch Out
3. Come On (Mark Starr Remix)
4. Come On (Hybu Remix)
5. Watch Out (Tanka's Longparish Dub)
6. Watch Out (Commodore 69 Remix)

We're proud to present our 46th release featuring CDBL. The duo hailing from France have been on an absolute tearout with one quality tune after another and this next release on HNH is no exception. Come On is prime dance floor, club, weaponry while Come On is geared more towards the underground warehouse rave.

 Plus we've got stellar remixes from the likes of Mark Starr (Dirtybird, Sounds of Sumo, OWSLA) Hybu (Sounds of Sumo, HNH) Tanka (HNH, 877 Records) and Commodre 69 (HNH, Formation Records) to round it out. Enjoy!

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Gregory 'Udachi' Pesochin.

Lux Groove - 'Another Day' HNH045

Lux Groove - 'Another Day' HNH045
Released 3.24.2014

Track listing:

1. Another Day
2. On The Corner

We're proud to present our 45th release featuring the sounds of Lux Groove from New Britian Connecticut, USA. With recent releases on Worthy's, Anabatic Records and Perfect Driver Music he's been turning heads with his deep and chunky booty bass tracks and gaining support from the likes of Kill Frenzy, Brodinski, B.Traits, Worthy, Tom Budden and Wood Holly to name a few. Watch this space!

There's plenty of lush garage vibes and bass heavy house to go around with Lux Grooves debut on HNH. Another Day is a soft and dreamy number while On the Corner is a darker club stomper guaranteed to make your booty shake.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Damascus

EPLP - 'Did You Ever' HNH044

EPLP - 'Did You Ever' HNH044
Released 3.10.2014

1. Did You Ever
2. Her Eyes

Greetings, we are proud to present our 44th release and first of the year featuring the deep, sexy and oh so delicious, garage and bass sounds of EPLP.

His latest single for HNH titled 'Did You Ever' is a playful number with lush synths, sultry vox and garage vibes, then B side, 'Her Eyes' takes it a bit darker and more mysterious with eerie snapping synths and atmospherics, and finally we have 'Leave Me as a FREE DOWNLOAD track for your pleasure to blog, give to a friend, auntie, grandma, dad or whatever and spread the word of Future Club Muisc.

Deep Garage and bass vibes are plenty on EPLP's latest release for HNH, this is music for friends and lovers.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Nate Khouli at Damascus Apparel, San Diego, CA.

Monday, December 9, 2013

MAJORA - 'Questionable Logic' HNHEP043

Majora - 'Delicious' HNHEP043
Released 12.30.2013

As we approach the end of another great year in music, we're proud to present our 43rd release featuring the Deep House and Garage vibes of Majora. His latest new single called 'Delicious' is laced with a smooth melody, lucious vocal hook and sexy bassline to make for a floor filling jam, while B side 'Questionable Logic' is deeper and darker UK Funky affair.

 Remixes of Questionable Logic are provided courtesy of Corporal F who delivers a chunky house rework, while Morcee comes through with a big Grime flex and finally Jaquo George who turns out a melodic Garage rework.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artowork by Waylon Horner

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tanka - 'Salwa' Remixes and Make Me VIP

Tanka - 'Salwa' Remixes HNHEP042
Released 12.16.2013

Tanka's highly acclaimed 'Make Me' get's the VIP treatment plus bonus remixes of 'Salwa' by Bob Citrus aka Rico Tubbs (Bass = Win), Corporal F (HNH), Mark Starr (Dirtybird, OWSLA, SOS) and Commodore 69 (HNH) and are now up for preview.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ana Sia - 'The Glass Delusion' / 'Ad-Out' HNH041

Ana Sia - 'The Glass Delusion' HNH041
Remixes by CDBL, HxdB & Subcorr
Released 11.25.2013 exclusively on Juno Download, then full release on 12.02.2013

We are proud to present our 41st release featuring the “authentic and informed takes on house and techno.” that is the sound of Ana Sia.

For her HNH debut we've selected two of her finest tunes to date including, the title track 'The Glass Delusion' which takes you on a journey into deep and driving Detroit Techno fueled dance floor extasy while 'Ad-Out' delivers a darker and more minimal approach with a heavy tech-house rhythm, carried by a descending murked out synth and eerie penetrating vocal.

Also featuring solid remixes of 'Ad Out' from France's CDBL (Sounds of Sumo), and Vancouver Canada's HxdB & Subcorr and finally the stellar remix of 'The Glass Delusion' by Mite of Embassy Recordings out of Atlanta Georgia.

We've brought back our '6-Pack' of questions that we ask to get to know our artists a bit better and here's what she has to say.

HNH Q.1. Where were you born?

A. I was born in a suburb of Minneapolis named Coon Rapids.

HNH Q.2. When did you first get into electronic music?

A. I reached my 18th birthday, moved to New York City, & just caught the tail end of the super crazy club scene in the mid 90's. That was pretty much the beginning of everything.

HNH Q.3. What other types of music influence your sound?

A. R&B/Pop/Classical/Hip Hop.. i like it all.

HNH Q.4. How long have you been producing and what's your favorite DAW?

A. 2 years producing & have been using Ableton as a backbone for that & dj'ing & editing tunes for 7 years.

HNH Q.5. If you were stuck on a deserted Island what musical instrument would you want to have with you and why?

A.  For obvious sentimental reasons, the 6ft Baldwin Walnut Wood Grand Piano that i learned to play on & still sits in my parents house.

HNH Q.6. Any shout outs?

A. Shout out all my dudes that double as my mentors, bff's, & cat sitter. and Prince.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Waylon Horner

Check out and stay up to date with all things Ana Sia at:

ANA SIA - 'The Glass Delusion' (Mite's Get Delusional Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Read full review of The Glass Delusion EP - Ana Sia on ©

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BSN Posse - 'Rum & Coconut' HNH040

BSN Posse - 'Rum & Cocnut' HNH040
Released 10.30.2013

Reviewed by Juno Download:

BSN Posse, who have appeared previously on the Slime imprint, land on their feet for Hot N Heavy with a blistering two-tracker, reminding us not to take the winter so seriously. "Rum & Coconut" merges 4/4 kicks with majestic, warm chords and gentle female vocals riding in the background. "You Know The Way" speeds up the tempo but retains the cloudiness and mystique of the previous track, giving us an uplifting, quasi-garage anthem for the coming months. Blissful.

The duo hailing from Málaga Spain otherwise known as BSN Posse is a project that saw the light of day in the beginning of 2011, being the result of the musical fusion between two members of the group MMC: Sergio Ruiz (Stay Puft) and Enrique Gervilla (Broken Lip).

Since their formation, the two musicians have continuously edited tracks, coordinating various styles of electronic music in order to create their own sound: Future Garage, Melodías Purple, Dubstep, Glitch, Soul, Dub, Witch House, Uk Funky etc...

All these styles have had a great influence on the two musicians and given them the freedom to unleash songs in which manually recorded e-guitars combine with synthesizers which evoke times long gone and atmospheric depths to let your mind escape.

BSN Posse is a way of understanding life, It is music with a soul.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Waylon Horner


Thursday, September 12, 2013


Released 9.23.3013


1. SEARCH1 feat. Truthos Mufasa

2. Step Back

3. Next to You

4. Roll Out

5. Gutter Butter

6. MAKO & Sparkz - Take A Chance feat. Alaina Gabriel

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA USA.

*Album Photo and Artwork by Alex Morgan, UK.

MAKO returns to HNH with 6 fresh new Intergalactic UKF Spacefunk jams full of applebottom vibes and garage soul.

The title track 'SEARCH1' is a bashy affair and features the wonderfully lush vocals of Truthos Mufasa which are complemented by hints of rhodes and happy little synths for extra flavour.

Track 2, 'Step Back' features a heavier 2-Step vibe that is upbeat and layered in ravey synths and a classic vocal sample that will have the floor stomping.

Track 3, 'Next to You' again with the bashy 2-Step beats, swung synths stabbing their way over a wonderfully tricked out vocal sample.

Track 4, 'Roll Out' is on a darker more upbeat vibe that starts out with a 2-Step shuffle and works it's way into a 4x4 beat reminicient of minimal house.

Track 5, 'Gutter Butter' is a grimier affair with twisted bass and sci-fi synths layered over a chunky shuffling 2-Step beat.

Track 6, 'Take A Chance' is co-produced by Sparkz and features the lovely vocals of Alaina Gabriel which are chopped and warped into the sleek synth work which keeps the tune fresh, warm and inviting.

For fans of Deep Beats and Rude Boy Riddimz!

MAKO - 'SEARCH1' EP (Preview Clips)


Friday, August 16, 2013

Hybu - 'Cleopatra' EP HNHEP038

Hybu - 'Cleopatra' HNHEP038
Released 8.19.2013

Hailing from Paris, France and raised on UK Underground music such as UK Garage, Dubstep & Grime and French deep house. Etienne Gimenez aka Hybu is fuelled by the best indie & sixties rock, and has developed an original taste for tense pop melodies, skippy beats and fiery tracks that range widely between bumpy bass music and futuristic movements.

You may be familiar with Hybu Hybu's music from his remixes and releases on labels such as; Sounds of Sumo (UK), Slime Records (UK) and our very own Hot N Heavy Recordings. If not then you are in for a real treat because we not only have three steamy originals that cross 90's rave with garage and bass, but have also included remixes from Druid Cloak Druid Cloak (Symbols, Infinite Machine, HNH), .Motif .Motif (HNH) Neue Grafik Neue Grafik (Slime Records UK) and Clueless Clueless (Norway).

All together this is the meaning of Future Club Music and there's a little something for everyone on this release so please enjoy!


1. The Way We Dance Together

2. Sweat

3. Cleopatra

4. The Way We Dance Together - (Druid Cloak Remix)

5. The Way We Dance Together - (Clueless Remix)

6. Cleopatra (.Motif Remix)

7. Cleopatra (Neue Grafik Remix)

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.

*Album Artwork by Hybu

Preview Clips for the 'Cleopatra' EP


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FREnchfire - 'North' / 'South' HNH037

FREnchfire - 'North' / 'South'
Released 6.24.2013

Introducing Alex Lowther Harris aka FREnchfire. The multi-talented 24 year old producer from Manchester also writes and paints when he's not working a job as a warden for the National Trust. Since 2006 he's been making a smooth hybrid of Future-Garage, House and Ambient music that's heavily influenced by the UK Bass and American electronic music culture.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Burial, The Knife, Koreless, James Blake and Shlomo the subtleties are apparent in his work. With a current release out on Basslight Music called 'Chasing' and more in the works be sure to keep an eye out for more quality music from FREnchfire.

Juno Download has done a nice review of the release and this is what they had to say:

 "Spawned from the Manchester collective Generic Greeting, Frenchfire is a 23-year-old self-proclaimed 'ambient bass music' producer. Maybe it was his production skills or maybe it was his sense of humour (he named a recent track after his favourite season of Mad Men), but either way he's come to the attention of San Francisco's Hot N Heavy, who now release this two-tracker. Both tracks are impressively realised, with "North" being an almost beatless ethereal whirl, while "South" introduces gentle garage-flavoured beats into the equation, resulting in a deep and sensuous sound. Classy."

*Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by William Berry

*Bonus FREE DOWNOLADS by FREnchfire in support of his 'North' / 'South' release.

Follow FREnchfire on SoundcloudTwitter and Facebook for all the latest news and fresh beats.