Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fish - 'Tesla Coil' EP HNHEP051

We are pleased to announce our 51st release, featuring Daniel Fisher aka Fish from Farnham UK. As founder of the internet radio station, he's been responsible for exposing unknown artists and their tracks to the masses via the For his debut release on HNH, he's provided us with four bass heavy riddimz ranging from garage to techno to house, think the wonky stylings of HNH artists Almostt and Mak & Pasteman. With previous releases on quality labels such as Tumble Audio, Four40 and Bear Fresh he's def on a roll and one to watch in the next year. We hope you enjoy these sounds and as always, thank you for your support.

Fish - - Tesla Coil EP HNHEP051
Released 12.21.2015


1. Tesla Coil
2. Shawanwa
3. Another Planet
4. Ca$h Money

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Daniel Fisher

Jaquo George - 'I See U' EP HNHEP050

We are proud to present our 50th release featuring Arfa Horrigan aka Jaquo George. The 21-year-old producer and DJ, from Bath, UK has previously released on quality labels such as Soundplate and Bear Fresh and has remixes released with, Republic Records, Hot ‘N’ Heavy & Saucy Records to name a few. Jaquo shapes dance floor ready tunes, as well as smooth jazzy bootlegs gaining him support from DJs all over the world, as well as from platforms such as; The Sound You Need, Fhinq & Inspot. He has DJ residencies in Bath where he is renowned for lively sets, racing through Garage, House and Bass music, as well as playing a range of other spots across the UK and Europe.

The 'I See U' EP starts out with a tune called 'NYC' which features a jacking house groove, tripped out whirling synths and pitched vox. Next is the UK bass heavy house tune that is 'Palm', with it's deep moody synths and monster hollowed out bass, it will have you be bouncing all over the club. Then 'I See U' brings a tech-house flavored beat, and a heavy driving bass-line that's fueled by catchy vox samples over grimy synths. Finally we have the 'I See U' remix from UK heavy hitters DE$IGNATED who have turned it into a monster club track, ripe with stabbing house pianos and eerie atmospherics all grooving over a lush bass line. 

We hope you enjoy this music as much as we do, and as always thanks for your support and honest feed back.


*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA. 
*Album Artwork by Barf!

Juno Download Review:

Having cut his teeth and caused attention with a string of accomplished bootlegs, west country repper Jaquo returns to his original repertoire with three sinewy slices of dark-tinged house. "NYC" is a fast Trax experience into the heart of house music's genus; all linear bass and crafted vocal elements. "Palm" takes us back to the bass-bitten future with a bulbous subby groove that nods respectfully at My Nu Leng and New York Transit Authority. "I See U" takes us even further into the future with a bubbly, techy groove and snippety-snip vocal playfulness. We see you Jaquo, we see you.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Speakerghost - 'Dreamcatcher' EP HNHEP049

Speakerghost - 'Dreamcatcher' EP HNHEP049
Released: 12.29.2014


1. Pantherheart
2. Dreamcatcher
3. Moongrease
4. Dojo

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Jade Blanco

We're proud to present Speakerghost's 'Dreamcatcher' EP for our 49th release.  We asked him our '6-Pack' of questions to get to know him a little better and this is what he has to say.

1. Q. Where were you born?
1. A. Billings MT

2. Q. When did you first get into electronic music?

2. A. Late 90's I moved to Florida and dated a girl who turned me on to "Rabbit in the Moon", and The Crystal Method, and Sasha & Digweed, along with a few other things ;) I was love struck, it just became a part of me.

3. Q. What other types of music influence your production style?

3. A. I would say I'm influenced by a lot of early 2000's stuff, things where more progressive and drawn out, I feel like the style of listening to music has changed, we download a track or two now, and I like how there was an effort put in to make the entire album flow. Like a journey... I am influenced by artist like Dj shadow, Dj Krush, true turntables ya. that dark deep vibe they put off, I've always liked the darker side of music.

4. Q. What's your favorite DAW to work with and why?

4. A. I think now a days there are so many amazing people coming together to make things happen that what DAW you use is kind of irrelevant in a sense. I think using anything youre comfortable with will increase your productivity and allow you to be more creative. I think its all about a level of comfort is all but for me personally Logic is my go to because it allows me to feel free and be creative. Without having a sense of freedom I don't think being creative is an easy task. Lately its boiled down to thinking out what i want to do and then making it happen. So i use logic, but i def think its what makes you feel most free, to create and put out work that you are happy with and others will want to hear. 

5. Q. How would you describe your sound?

5. A. Spooky, Greasy, Deep, and Dark, Alien Porno Music

6. Q. Any shout outs?

6. A. Shout out to my mom! She taught me music and made me practice my violin everyday for an hour after school, Thanks mom!
Big Shout out to Michael Harms at MegaSonic for mastering my creations and making them come alive. Shout to my SUBDVSN Boys Tommy Dubs, and Ryan Volz, thanks for believing in me! And last shout out to all my friends and supporters!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ian Place - 'Control' HNHEP048

Ian Place - 'Control EP' HNHEP048
Released: 10.20.2014


1. Control
2. Old Fashioned
3. Control (Bob Citrus Remix)
4. Control (Tone Chaser & Commodore 69 feat. Fansea Remix)

We're proud to present our 48th release featuring Ian Place. 

Ian Place is a 24 year old producer working out of Washington, DC. Growing up in Cape Elizabeth, ME, Ian appreciated an eclectic mix of music throughout his childhood and early teenage years but never seriously pursued production. As time passed and his musical preferences expanded, production became an integral part of Ian's life. Drawing on his musical background and eclectic influences (Pink Floyd, A Tribe Called Quest, People Under The Stairs, Radiohead, Kerri Chandler, etc..) Ian's sound is a unique blend of classic and modern house music (with a little Baltimore Club thrown in there). Ian has forthcoming/current releases on Hot n Heavy Records [US], Silence In Metropolis [US], 50/50 Records [UK], Fresh II Death Records [UK], Semper & Solum [UK], and more.

He has received support from artists such as Tom Shorterz [Rinse FM, UK], Pete Graham [Four 40 Records, UK], DeMarzo [Hot Creations, UK], Newbie Nerdz [Gruuv, UK], Baunz [Pet Recordings, UK], Mark Starr [Dirtybird, US], Rico Tubbs [Dim Mak, US], DeMarzo [Hot Creations, UK], Jamie George [Rinse FM, UK], David Heartbreak [OWSLA, US], Lazerdisk [Mad Decent, US], Golf Clap [Country Club Disco, US], and many many more.  We asked Ian our '6-pack' of questions to get to know him better and this is what he has to say.

1. Q. Where were you born?

A. I was born in the lovely city of Portland Maine. I lived in Cape Elizabeth Maine most of my life though.

2. Q. When did you first get into electronic music?

A. It's kind of hard to say when I first got into electronic music. I've always been a huge fan of Pink Floyd and considering they were one of the pioneers of "electronic" music I guess I've always been into it. But in regards to modern electronic music I'd say I've been into it for about 7-8 years now.

3. Q. What other types of music influence your sound?

A. Jazz, Hip Hop, Indie, and Electronic (as ambiguous as that may be) primarily influence my sound but I honestly love everything (except country... but if that's what floats your boat that's fine by me)

4. Q. What's your favorite childhood memory?

A. I'd say my favorite childhood memory is sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with my father. He's a captain/engineer on private yachts so I've been lucky enough to sail around on some pretty epic boats. The trip lasted just under two weeks and it was pretty wild to say the least.

5. Q. Musically, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. In 5 years I see myself taking my music to crazy new levels (whatever those may be). Everyday/everytime I get in the studio it's a beneficial learning experience. All of the time you spend trying to perfect and master your craft definitely pays off if you truly work at it. In 5 years I also see myself committing the music full-time and taking a step back from the 9-5 life. Either way, life will be good and I'm excited to see what the future holds!

6. Q. Any shout outs?

A. Absolutely, I wanna give a shout out to all of my family and friends, but since you all know who you are I don't need to be throwing names around. However, I do want to give some shout outs to homies that have been essential in my musical endeavors: Alex Johnson, David Riker, Chris Brassard, Jeff Witherall, Trent and Chad Bechard, Jackson Ryland, Justin Nouhra, Andrew Vilar, Jack Naglieri, 
Sam Peterson, Lucas Milowsky, John Salzman, and Ryan Renaud. There are lots of other awesome people I've met along that way I'd love to give a shout out to but once again, you know who you are.

For all the latest and greatest on Ian Place, follow the links:

Facebook -
Soundcloud -
Twitter -

Monday, September 1, 2014

Whiskers Po - 'Yes' HNHEP047

Whiskers Po - 'Yes' HNHEP047
Released 09.01.2014

1. 'Yes' (Original Mix)
2. 'Rift' (Original Mix)
3. 'Yes' (Corporal F Remix)
4. 'Yes' (Principal Dean Remix)

We're proud to present our 47th release featuring Jersey City resident Gregory Evgrafiev aka Whiskers Po. Plus two smashing remixes from the likes of HNH's own Corporal F and Principal Dean of Symbols Recordings.

Press Release by Nicholas Concklin:
The @HotNHeavyRecordings family grows by one with the debut release from Jersey City DJ & producer Whiskers Po. Known for his lush Juke and cheeky Jersey Club flips as part of the hyper-relevant #TOMCREW and DICKSQUAD collectives, "Yes EP" upholds the San Francisco-based label’s reputation for finely-tuned Garage House and Bass Music and displays the young producer's versatility with House & Techno.
Opening track "Yes" is a light, uplifting Deep House cut, contrasted nicely by the dark Deep Techno throwback "Rift". Anchored together with chopped diva vocals and nostalgic sensibilities, the two oppose one another.
Removing the “Deep” element from the equation, Hot N Heavy staple @CorporalF flips “Yes” on its head, turning it into a Latin Bassline banger with a fiesta attitude. Vermont’s @Principal-Dean takes us the other direction, dismantling “Yes” into a dreamy, broken beat Bass number.
"Yes EP" is out September 1st, 2014 on all fine digital retailers.
Early support from Tittsworth, My Nu Leng, Rico Tubbs, Coco Cole and Reid Speed.

Featured on XLR8R

 We asked Greg aka 'Whiskers Po' our "6-Pack" of questions to get to know him a little bit better and this is what he has to say:

HNH Q. 1. During the writing process what was your vision for these tunes, like the vibe and feel?

A. When I set out to make these tunes I wanted one to be nostalgic and longing and the other to be a bit darker. "Yes" is more melodic and the female vocals make me want to be in some Parisian nightclub at 4 am dancing with a girl I like. I've honestly never even been to Paris but that's something I imagine in my head for some strange reason. As for "Rift", it's a bit more dark with the lurking bassline, it's a bit mischievous. The focus in "Rift" was more on the rhythm. However, I was still hoping to keep consistent with the soulful aesthetic and keep some vocals so there's some color in there.

HNH Q. 2. What's the story behind the name Whiskers Po? It wouldn't be cat related would it?

A. Absolutely. I'm a fan of cats, but also by extension I'm a fan of most whiskered animals (we often forget even dogs have whiskers!). I'm just a sucker for animals and cute things in general. As for the "Po" part, I actually legally use my mother's last name since I came into the US from Russia with her when I was little; with Po, I'm paying homage to my dad's last name which begins with those two letters.

HNH Q. 3. What other types of music influence your production style?

A. I've been listening to and making a large variety of genres. I love RnB, Jersey club, soul, old school hiphop, footwork, bossa nova, jazz, baile funk, emotional trap music… I go back to classic rock once in a while as well - the list truly goes on. I've been trying really hard to avoid being pigeon-holed into any musical category because I have so much love for different types of music and want to explore as many sounds as possible. It's probably super tough to market sounds to my audience if I'm pushing this musical ambiguity thing but I'm hoping my listeners will be open to most things and that I'll be recognized as a versatile producer.

HNH Q. 4. You're a very active social networker, is it hard to balance that with making music?

A. I just like to post amusing things, troll around, and try not to take the internet too seriously. I'm sure some people are very active online because they feel obligated to keep social momentum for networking purposes or whatever but I just have fun and try to share content I find personally interesting. If I find a picture of a cat wearing shades and a piece of lettuce for a hat (it's an actual picture), I'm going to post it regardless of what my audience thinks. I guess for that reason it's not very hard at all to balance because I enjoy making music and posting fun things and I don't ever feel like I have to do one or the other.

HNH Q. 5. If you could use one word to describe you and your music what would it be?

A. Diverse!

HNH Q. 6. Any shout outs?

A. I'm always get worried I'll miss someone and feel like a complete ass. There are way too many people to name that are dear to my heart so I think I'll just give a shoutout to love, knowledge, and friendship!

=^. .^= / =^. .^= / =^. .^= / =^. .^= / =^. .^=

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Gregory 'Udachi' Pesochin 

As featured on XLR8R September 2014

Available to buy here:

Read full review of Yes - Whiskers Po on ©

Monday, April 7, 2014

CDBL - 'Come On' HNH046

CDBL - 'Come On' HNHEP046
Released 4.28.2014

Track Listing:

1. Come On
2. Watch Out
3. Come On (Mark Starr Remix)
4. Come On (Hybu Remix)
5. Watch Out (Tanka's Longparish Dub)
6. Watch Out (Commodore 69 Remix)

We're proud to present our 46th release featuring CDBL. The duo hailing from France have been on an absolute tearout with one quality tune after another and this next release on HNH is no exception. Come On is prime dance floor, club, weaponry while Come On is geared more towards the underground warehouse rave.

 Plus we've got stellar remixes from the likes of Mark Starr (Dirtybird, Sounds of Sumo, OWSLA) Hybu (Sounds of Sumo, HNH) Tanka (HNH, 877 Records) and Commodre 69 (HNH, Formation Records) to round it out. Enjoy!

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Gregory 'Udachi' Pesochin.

Lux Groove - 'Another Day' HNH045

Lux Groove - 'Another Day' HNH045
Released 3.24.2014

Track listing:

1. Another Day
2. On The Corner

We're proud to present our 45th release featuring the sounds of Lux Groove from New Britian Connecticut, USA. With recent releases on Worthy's, Anabatic Records and Perfect Driver Music he's been turning heads with his deep and chunky booty bass tracks and gaining support from the likes of Kill Frenzy, Brodinski, B.Traits, Worthy, Tom Budden and Wood Holly to name a few. Watch this space!

There's plenty of lush garage vibes and bass heavy house to go around with Lux Grooves debut on HNH. Another Day is a soft and dreamy number while On the Corner is a darker club stomper guaranteed to make your booty shake.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Damascus

EPLP - 'Did You Ever' HNH044

EPLP - 'Did You Ever' HNH044
Released 3.10.2014

1. Did You Ever
2. Her Eyes

Greetings, we are proud to present our 44th release and first of the year featuring the deep, sexy and oh so delicious, garage and bass sounds of EPLP.

His latest single for HNH titled 'Did You Ever' is a playful number with lush synths, sultry vox and garage vibes, then B side, 'Her Eyes' takes it a bit darker and more mysterious with eerie snapping synths and atmospherics, and finally we have 'Leave Me as a FREE DOWNLOAD track for your pleasure to blog, give to a friend, auntie, grandma, dad or whatever and spread the word of Future Club Muisc.

Deep Garage and bass vibes are plenty on EPLP's latest release for HNH, this is music for friends and lovers.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artwork by Nate Khouli at Damascus Apparel, San Diego, CA.

Monday, December 9, 2013

MAJORA - 'Questionable Logic' HNHEP043

Majora - 'Delicious' HNHEP043
Released 12.30.2013

As we approach the end of another great year in music, we're proud to present our 43rd release featuring the Deep House and Garage vibes of Majora. His latest new single called 'Delicious' is laced with a smooth melody, lucious vocal hook and sexy bassline to make for a floor filling jam, while B side 'Questionable Logic' is deeper and darker UK Funky affair.

 Remixes of Questionable Logic are provided courtesy of Corporal F who delivers a chunky house rework, while Morcee comes through with a big Grime flex and finally Jaquo George who turns out a melodic Garage rework.

*Mixed and Mastered by Michael Harms at MegaSonic in San Francisco, CA.
*Album Artowork by Waylon Horner

Friday, December 6, 2013

Tanka - 'Salwa' Remixes and Make Me VIP

Tanka - 'Salwa' Remixes HNHEP042
Released 12.16.2013

Tanka's highly acclaimed 'Make Me' get's the VIP treatment plus bonus remixes of 'Salwa' by Bob Citrus aka Rico Tubbs (Bass = Win), Corporal F (HNH), Mark Starr (Dirtybird, OWSLA, SOS) and Commodore 69 (HNH) and are now up for preview.